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I describe my approach as making “STYLE STATEMENTS” because every project and every space are the fruit of my own personal, well-defined method of interpretation. Despite the fact that all my work differs aesthetically and functionally, my projects convey the same kind of vibrations and emotions to the people who experience them.

These are the intense sensations most often captured from the Client’s deepest desires as they emerge during our meetings. I discover these treasures and search for their meaning, in order to transform them, almost alchemically, into ideas that turn into projects and then become concrete reality.

I define myself a “craftsman of IDEAS” and I dedicate the utmost intensity and quality of my time to this initial phase of the project. I am a kind of architectural storyteller, travelling the world and leaving my mark through projects, while providing an eclectic narrative of specific places.

I consider my Italo-Argentine origins to be the source of my creative expression.

Energy and enthusiasm, rich colours and the power of nature and climate, added to my personal experiences, make up the colour palette of my creative approach.

When I arrived in Milan in 1986, I started working with Carmellini & Magnoli’s LABORATORIO ASSOCIATI and that’s where I learned my craft, they were my real teachers. I spent eight years with them working with Gianni Versace, both designing and visiting worksites around the world. This was my true initiation into the Italian fashion system, where I was inundated by a wealth of creative notions, typical of an exquisitely sartorial way of approaching any type of project. The diverse and varied influences of that period steered my creative approach towards a bright, refined and totally spatial style, which took on its definitive form when I opened my studio in Milan in 1994.


I consider my Italo-Argentine origins to be the source of my creative expression. Exuberance, rich colours, the power of nature and climate, added to my personal experiences, make up the colour palette that defines my creative approach.



In the Milan Studio, artists and writers, in synergy with a team of professionals equally contribute to the development of architectural concepts under the guidance of Fernando Mosca. The Studio adopts an approach with its collaborators which means to be proactive and not dogmatic, based on developing innovative ideas, researching new structural solutions and using and researching new, technologically advanced materials.


– Strong ability to tune into the Client’s wishes
– Versatile yet consistent project design
– Immediate understanding of the intrinsic purpose of a place
– Exceptional care in designing space with maximum attention to detail
– Extensive knowledge of materials and construction techniques
– Ability to streamline investments
– International experience
– Defining the Significance of a project
– The ideal project means connecting with the Client –  In synch client / Ideal project
– Design clarity and immediacy in perception of place
– Light as an asset in the quality of life and aesthetics
– Researching materials to support the meaning and language of the project
– Economic investment advantages
A) Interior Design:
a1- Retail design > 30% Increase in turnover and contemporary solutions
a2- Residential design >Comfort, Harmony, Quality of life, Status
a3- Hospitality design >Turning places into fabulous dream worlds
B) Architecture > Identity, income, context enhancement
C) Furniture Design > Spirit, Meaning and Value



When Fernando goes into listening mode he does so to such an extent that memories come out of the walls and your wishes rise to the surface: he understands what you want better than you do and he tells you what your wishes are, elegantly and gracefully. And that is how, in his hands, your home becomes a palace. He enters a room with a look that says the challenge has been won. He walks around spaces, holds a live conversation with himself, puts a house back together again and, using pristine white lighting, moves it forward into the future – using his third eye, like all artists: half way between fantasy and prophecy.

- Valeria Braghieri, Journalist with “Il Giornale

Fernando Mosca is creative, refined and has empathy. Not only is he an excellent professional, he also has that extra something that won us over from the very first phone call. He listened to us, understood our ideas, praised them and succeeded in turning them into a perfect project, so that we ended up saying: this is exactly what we wanted. What is more, he has that extra touch, that special connection, and you know that you can rely on him - all of these things make him not only our architect, but also a friend who has been able to stir our emotions ...”

- SANNA & CARMEN LAMBERTI, DONNA shop, Salerno - Italy

“Mr Mosca and his studio are able to blend style and functionality. Their design is both attractive and practical at the same time. It is so satisfying to work in a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.”

- Dr Roberto Mazzoleni – MONCUCCO PHARMACY


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Projects, Projects, Retail, Retail, Window


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Private Residences, Private Residences, Projects, Projects, Window

CASA DEL OLIVO – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Private Residences, Projects, Window

PENTHOUSE – San Francisco, Cordoba – Argentina

Private Residences, Projects, Window


Projects, Projects, Retail, Retail, Window

The Project

The design stage of any object or space evolves according to specific creative intuition and methodology: immediately perceiving how a space plan should be, which is clear from the first design drawings, lighting studied to create effects which define and enhance form and volume, researching materials which sustain formal language and, last but by no means least, the impelling need to instil significance and character into the work, and the ability to feel and then convey these qualities.



Designing the collection, as well as the logo, grew from creative reflections and intuitions of an “eclectic” nature.

Concrete forms and expressions originate in the sacred dialogue between “craftsmanship & technology”, “design & creative spontaneity”, “the contemporary & the historic”. For us, in real terms, this “sacredness” translates into the desire to “leave a mark” based on solid values such as nobility of action, respect for the rules of art and maximum product guarantee.

It therefore seemed significant to me that our greatest symbol, the logo, should be given the mark of a SEAL, a single sign encapsulating all its noble symbolism as a guarantee.