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Fernando Mosca

Style Statements

I describe my approach as making “STYLE STATEMENTS” because every project and every space are the fruits of my own personal, well-defined method of interpretation.
Despite the fact that all my work differs aesthetically and functionally,  my projects convey the same kind of vibrations and emotions to the people who experience them.

The essence of my Architectural and Creative Expression  finds its roots in my Italo-Argentine origins. The exuberant nature of Latin American customs, the excessive energy of the colours, personal family history and the very strength of the nature of the land, have painted my creative character with diverse, variegated brushstrokes.
Subsequently, my arrival in Italy in 1986 and working with Studio Associati Carmellini e Magnoli, my Mentors, represented a fundamental moment in my professional and cultural formation, and I truly Mastered the “Skills of the Trade”.

Contacts with leading international figures in the fashion sector such as Sergio Rossi, Gianni Versace, Jil Sander, Giovina Moretti, the Al Duca D’Aosta Group, and collaborating with various different international groups, acted as a filter for my
Baroque influences directing my creative approach towards a bright, refined and completely ‘spatial’ style.

The design stage of any object or space evolves according to specific creative intuition and methodology: immediately perceiving how a space plan should be, which is clear from the first design drawings, lighting studied to create effects which define and enhance form and volume, researching materials which sustain formal language and, last but by no means least, the impelling need to instil significance and character into the work, and the ability to feel and then convey these qualities.