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Fernando Mosca


He was born in Argentina and graduated from the Catholic University of Cordoba. He became a fully registered architect in Spain and was also enrolled on the EEA list of architects enabling him to practise his profession in the European Community. From 1987 for eight years he worked with a group of architects in Milan, Carmellini e Magnoli Associati, developing projects in Italy and abroad.

During this time he carried out much personal research work of his own in the world of architecture and, after having gained important, distinctive experience in the fashion, luxury hotel and residential sectors, he decided to set up his own studio.

Studio Mosca was founded in 1994 and immediately responded to customer requirements by adopting an approach centred on the conceptual development of projects, and strongly based on references to art and worldwide culture. His profile as a designer-architect thus took shape and found a strong base in the perfect balance between the rigour of near minimalist inclination and the use of highly technological, innovative materials alongside traditional ones; a formal balance in which personal use of lighting bestows an exquisitely “spatial” arrangement to any environment.

Following this conceptual basis the Studio realises projects for various different architectural sectors: Residential (apartments, villas) – Commercial (clothes, shoes, accessories, glasses); Wellness and health (beauty centres, spas, dental facilities); Religious Architecture (convents, restoration work and  design); Entertainment and Food (discos, pubs, restaurants, bars). Also on the list of professional activities is participation in international architecture competitions and conferences.

Lo studio

Milano - Italy

In the Milan Studio, artists and writers, in synergy with professional staff equally contribute to the development of architectural concepts under the guidance of Fernando Mosca. The Studio adopts an approach with its collaborators which means to be constructive and not dogmatic, based on developing innovative ideas, researching new structural solutions and using and researching new, technologically advanced materials.

Studio Mosca’s professional consultancy is carried out thanks to the support and profound collaboration with companies and trechnical professionals such as civil engineers, craftsmen and lighting specialists.

La Coruña - Spain

The La Coruña Studio in Spain is an extension of the one in Milan and represents the conceptual spirit of Fernando Mosca on the western side of Europe.

Constant colloboration and continuously exchanging staff mean that the two studios form a single entity summarizing the creative process and bringing the cultural level of project design from local mode to global logic.

The Studio serves as a training ground to broaden the spectrum of project methodologies, a playing field for new ideas where intense research of materials and innovative structural solutions, testing and using virtual and display techniques define the philosophy and work ethic of the Studio.